Discover How to Consistently Identify High Probability Trades in Any Market Conditions

(While Avoiding the Most Common Obstacle that can Sabotage Your Portfolio)


This Training is Specifically Designed to Help Traders of All Levels Recover from Taking Losses While Maximizing Your Profit Potential (And it Can Help You, Too -- Even if You Have Limited Trading Experience)  

FREE BONUS: Trader Rescue Indicator

Have you ever allowed a loss affect your trading (And your profitability)? Better question: are you struggling to become a profitable trader and not sure what’s going wrong? Or have you invested in education and tools but continue to lose? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, here’s a little secret … Many traders continue to lose -- even when they should win -- based on purely psychological limitations. More importantly… 

No Tool Will Work if it’s Not Paired with the Right Mindset…

The fact is, every time you make a trade, you’re not just competing with other traders, you’re competing with yourself.  

And that can be tough, because that means you’re competing against your own expectations -- and doubts.  

Trading requires quick decisions. If you hesitate, you can miss your entry. And that can cost you profit.  

And when that happens, many traders begin forcing trades, creating a cycle of losing on trades that should win -- but are poorly timed and forced.  

This cycle creates fear, self doubt, and a “trading trap” that can turn otherwise profitable and successful traders into panicked traders who chase every possible trade.  


Traders can overreact in the opposite direction and avoid taking risks altogether, refusing to get into position at all. And while this can protect you from taking losses, it also ensures you’ll never see any gains.  

But it doesn’t have to feel that way...  

When you understand how (and why) you’re sabotaging yourself, you have an opportunity to elevate your tradings in ways you never thought possible.  

By fixing your psychology, you can find and exploit opportunities in any sector of the economy like never before.  

That’s why Become a Better Trader is making one of our most powerful and effective trainings of all time available to you today, along with our dynamic Trader Recue Package Indicator -- specifically designed to reveal opportunities for entries, stop losses and targets 

This cutting edge trading instruction was created to “rescue” traders from their cycle of self-defeat, while teaching you award winning trading strategies proven to identify high probability trades in any market (while clearly defining and limiting risk).  

By correcting your trading mindset and combining that with the strategies revealed within this training, any trader can go from struggling to thriving.

How Does The Trader Rescue System Work?

Step 1: Take the Course The Trader Rescue System includes special on-demand training, broken down into modules full of actionable content, designed to free you from your own mental traps AND teach you award-winning trading strategies proven to consistently identify high probability trade setups. Plus, you’ll get access to bonus downloadable handouts to supplement the learning process.  

This all-levels training is effective at both teaching some of the most effective trading strategies available today AND improving trading habits and overall profitability by identifying and removing mental traps for traders. And when you combine these elements with the Super Duper Coolio Indicator, you’re setting yourself up for consistent, profitable, winning trades.  

Step 2: Take Advantage of 30 days of Bonus Follow Up Training with the BBT Insider Membership In addition to the Trader Rescue Bootcamp, you’ll receive 30 days of the BBT Insider program to provide ongoing follow up training at no additional cost. This is to ensure that you complete this system and get extended opportunities to follow up on any questions and additional training so that you get the very most out of this unique program.  

By utilizing this methodology, we ensure that traders retain the knowledge presented with regular touch-points including the Market Monday's with Rob to reinforce the methodolgies. When you follow the training, you create a foundation of knowledge on which you can build to trade like a champion.  

And because this information is consumed from home, you can watch on your time at your own pace, letting you stop and restart where you left off.  

Step 3: Trade Upon successful completion of the The Trader Rescue System, you’ll be 100% ready to utilize the TRP Indicators in your day to day trading.  

The TRP Indicators are your secret weapon in trading thanks to its proprietary built-in alert system that notifies you before upcoming turns in the market, taking away some of the mental pressures that many traders struggle with on a daily basis.  

How Does The Trader Rescue Indicator Work?

After more than 5 years in development, the dynamic TRP Indicator has ONE critical mission: To identify high probability setups and signal your optimal entry to maximize profit potential.  

The TRP indicator identifys opportunities for entry while also identifying simple stop loss and target levels so that these three important elements can be pinpointed before making the decision to enter the trade.  

The TRP indicator also includes scanners or watchlists for select trading platforms which further assists in identifying opportunities.

With the TRP Indicator in your toolkit, you have the opportunity to consistently identify trades -- in any market conditions.  

What You Get:

When you take advantage of this limited time offer today, you'll receive instant access to:  

The Trader Rescue Bootcamp (Normally $997): On Demand Course. Including a Core Training Modules of actionable trading content.

Bonus: BBT Insider Membership (30 Days):

Follow-Up Live Training (Normally $197/month) 3 days of follow-up live trading sessions per month Premium Videos, and Weekly Market Mondays with Rob 

The Complete BBT TRP Indicator Package Including:

Become a Better Trader’s Proprietary TRP Signal Trader (Normally $997) and Become a Better Trader’s Proprietary TRP Momentum Trader (Normally $997) PLUS Bonus Scanners and Watch Lists (for available platforms) (Normally $997) Identify key opportunities for entry and exit targets. Built in alerts identify key entry opportunities with an objective 3-step process. The goal is to make the process simple and repeatable to build confidence. 

Normally, this package retails for $4,682.00  

However, that’s not what you’re paying today.  

In fact, you’re not even paying HALF of that…  

When you take advantage of this extremely limited time offer today, you’ll receive a nearly 78% discount, a savings of $3,685.00

Rob Hoffman: CEO & Founder of Become a Better Trader 

Rob Hoffman is one of the most accomplished and decorated active traders today. He is a 28-Time International and Domestic Trading Champion, including hi recent Trading Triathlon Win in Paris, France. His proven trading setups identify large directional plays that he leverages with options, futures, and forex, and are applicable in any market. Rob’s trades can generally be adjusted for those looking for a more conservative take on his aggressive plays, and traders can use his tools to find setups that fit their own risk parameters. His setups, market knowledge, and insights to continually improve yourself as a trader are invaluable. 

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What, specifically, will I have when I finish this training that I don't have today?  

A: By the time this training is finished, you'll have the knowledge you need to implement the TRP Indicator into your trading plan, along with the indicator itself, so that you can start trading with it right away.  

Q: What if I don't have any experience? Will this still work for me?  

A: Absolutely! Become a Better Trader was specifically created for newcomers as well as a springboard for seasoned veterans. While you may not have any experience trading, we’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to explore the world of trading. And while the TRP Indicator may take a little training and getting used to, that’s what the Trader Rescue System was specifically designed for.  

Q: How long will it take to implement what I learn and see results?  

A: Results obviously vary, but you can begin implementing what you learn as soon as you feel comfortable and confident with the material. We recommend testing the TRP Indicator on paper or small accounts with clearly defined stops to ensure you’ve got a handle on the material, but you’ll have instant access to Become a Better Trader’s educational tools. In the end, you’re only limited by how long it takes you to take action.  

Q: How is this bundle delivered?  

A: This bundle is delivered 100% online. As soon as you finish signing up, you’ll have instant access to your Trader Rescue Indicator. We’ll send you an email with your login information, and you can begin to use your complimentary BBT Insider Access as well as your on-demand TRP BootCamp training.  

Q: Why should I invest in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?  

A:Why would you want to wait? Even with market corrections and volatility, traders can be consistently successful in identifying high probability trades for themselves. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can take advantage of market volatility with the TRP Indicator.  

Q: What will happen immediately after I complete my registration?  

A: After you submit your order, you'll receive a username and password. This is how you’ll access the members area, which is where you'll find the BBT Insider content, and resources. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase for your records.You’ll also receive instructions on how to access your Trader Rescue Indicator Package and additional details on how you can access the Trader Rescue Bootcamp training.  

Q: What if I have questions or need support?  

A: We are here to help. Simply submit any questions you have to our support team via email at: